Our lives are full of events, and we need to plan and organize them carefully. Your choice of the venue and vendors plays a very important role in making your event unforgettable. It is always hard to choose the right professionals for your event. We created million.events to simplify event planning and empower anyone to choose the best event professionals. Our aim is to build the biggest directory of vendors and venues to let the clients select event services according to their needs, requirements and resources available. The services required for different events vary greatly. Some weddings include a large variety of entertainment shows, corporate gala dinners usually take places in large venues and need a catering able to cope with hundreds of guests, executive retreats planning will require a jet charter. You won’t find two events that are the same, and each calls for different types of services.

We aim to create unforgettable event experience for both parts of the planning process – for event professionals and their clients.
million.events listings for event professionals are absolutely free. Our members can directly communicate with clients, monitor their reviews, and benefit from the growing number of new bookings and orders.
We do everything possible to bring more bookings to our members each day.

For clients planning an event, million.events is the perfect solution to finding everything they need on the same website saving their time, as time is the most valuable resource in the planning process. While planning your wedding or birthday party, there will be no need to spend days and nights searching for the right professionals and locations. You will be able to find them all here, so you can devote your time to people who really matter and to visualizing your upcoming unforgettable moments.